Get those license applications in now

OK, here’s the problem with doing this show every day. Sometimes I remind you to do something, and because I told you about it, I think I did it myself. One of those things is applying for limited quota hunting licenses.

The deadline for Wyoming residents to get their applications in for deer, elk and antelope tags is right around the corner. The last day to apply is Tuesday, May 31.

There’s not a lot of time left, but there should be enough to look up the demand index on the Game and Fish website. The demand index will show you which areas traditionally have fewer people apply than they have licenses available. Those are good areas to put in for, if you want to be guaranteed a limited quota license.

Here’s a link to the demand index:

Keep in mind that some areas have very little public access, and that might be why the demand is lower than the supply. If you don’t have permission to hunt on private land in that area, you might want to find a different one. There’s not much worse than drawing a license and not being able to use it.

With all these reminders I give you on the radio about getting your applications in, you’d think I’m already patiently awaiting my own results from the draw. Not quite. Instead of kicking back, relaxing these last few days of May, I’m frantically trying to get my own application in.

I should have sat down in front of the computer and figured out which areas I should apply for. I didn’t do that. I should have taken the time to go back through the previous years’ draw results and find some nice areas for back-ups where I’d be sure to draw a tag. Again, I did nothing of the kind.

So much for getting ahead of the game. Now I need to play catch-up.

Click here to apply for limited-quota licenses: