Great Respect for the Cowboys

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by Keith Kelley–25 Aug ’22

Illinois head football coach Bret Bielema has a lot of respect for Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl, and the Cowboys program. But there seems to be a bit of gamesmanship between the two programs, as they get ready for their first-ever meeting on Saturday. Bohl placed TBA (To Be Announced) for his quarterback on this week’s depth chart, while Bielema went one further, and didn’t even release a depth chart.

Bielema says that he knows the Wyoming defense will be very good, but there was a lot of turnover across the board, so personnel is a bit of a mystery.

“There defensive line is long. I know they’ve had some linebackers, especially the one who go drafted in the third round (Chad Muma), that are really good players–active guys–they put a lot on them.” Bielema continues, “They’ve had transfer and turnover, a lot of it out, but a lot of it in. I’ve had to evaluate players playing in other schemes to see how they’ll fit into what they’re (the Cowboys) doing.”

“I think offensively, there is some carry over to what we do,” said Bielema. “In their system, their quarterback drives the whole thing, and the biggest challenge as of right now is that I don’t know who their quarterback is. I know they know it right now, but that’s going to be the biggest thing for us to unfold on Saturday, is, defensively how are they going to play, what’s going to be the emphasis, and who are their playmakers.”

Wyoming is at Illinois Saturday afternoon. Kickoff is set for 2 pm mountain time.