I had to swap fishing for fencing on Fathers’ Day

One of the big perks of being a father is that you’re pretty much required to go fishing on Fathers’ Day. But I got gypped out of that this year.

As I said earlier this week, I’ve been spending pretty much every moment of my spare time rebuilding the fence around our property. We have one rogue cow who has decided it’s more fun to crash through a fence and wander around the county than to just laze around in her own pasture.

I’d just let her go, but she’s my son’s prize cow. She’s probably worth more than my pickup. So instead of allowing her to just wander until she ends up somewhere she’s content, I’ve been forced to rebuild all the fences she’s been mangling – and that includes several neighbors’ fences – and fortify the rest of the fence she hasn’t yet decided to crush.

We’re almost done with the fencing project, so I thought maybe we could take a break from it and go fishing on Fathers’ Day. But we got hammered by a pretty serious thunderstorm on Saturday, so our fencing got pushed back a little. That meant my Fathers’ Day plans of busting out the fly rod and heading for the Snowy Range got pushed back, too.

So instead of going fishing, I went fencing. But maybe my day of fence repair will pay off. I currently own no fewer than 7 different brands of fencing tools. I have ones made by Crescent, ChannelLok, and even a new pair of DeWalts. I used to have a pair made by Diamond, and those were the best ones I’ve ever had, but I either wore them out or lost them somewhere. And now I can’t find them in the stores. The problem with every other pair I’ve ever had is that the wire cutter notch is in the wrong place. If you open the pliers too far, the notch closes back up again, and you can’t get the wire in there to cut it. I think I’ll put together some specs for a fencing tool that has a more useful wire cutter, and maybe I can make enough money on that to HIRE someone to fix the fence next time, so I can go fishing while they work.