I’m gunning for another Golden

We’re back down to a one-dog household, so it’s time to start looking for another bird dog. I’m holding out for just the right one, but the ads they’re playing on TV aren’t helping.

I decided a while back that more than two dogs is just too much to handle. I think more dogs would be fine if they’d bond with other members of the family, but no matter who we get a dog for in this house, it becomes my dog moments after it comes home.

I had a Golden Retriever several years ago, and she was indisputably my dog. My wife called her “The Other Blonde.” So we went to Oklahoma to get Amy a dog of her own, and she picked out a beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd pup. But Paisley very quickly bonded with me, so I had two dogs. Well, three, really, because we already had a collie that had also decided he was my dog. Every time I sat down to put on my shoes or watch TV, I’d have three dogs gathered around me, all vying for scratches.

We’re down to just Paisley now, so she’s getting all the attention she craves. But it’s time to start looking for a hunting dog, too. I know there are breeds that are more effective hunters, but I’ve got my heart set on another Golden Retriever. When I have a dog, I do hunt quite a bit, but I want a dog that’s first and foremost a family dog, but one who can hunt, too. And as much as I love being able to give Paisley all my attention, I just need a hunting dog.

I’m trying to hold out until the breeder I know who has a very good hunting line of Goldens is ready, but once again, my television is filled with ads for the Christmas season that feature Golden puppies. It’s killing me. The breeder said she should have a carbon copy of Cricket, my previous Golden, in a few years, but those ads … I just hope I can stick it out that long. I might have to quit watching TV until the breeder has a Golden pup for me.