golden retriever

I’d forgotten how much work puppies are

September 19, 2022 // 0 Comments

I’d forgotten how much work it is having a puppy in the house. I haven’t been this sleep deprived since my kids were little. It’ll be worth it when he gets a little [...]

I’m meeting my new pup this weekend

August 8, 2022 // 0 Comments

I have a feeling this week is just going to seem like it crawls by. Time always seems to slow down when you’re waiting for something. And for me, that something is getting [...]

Missing my bird dog more than usual today

November 29, 2021 // 0 Comments

On a cold morning 15 years ago, I made the trip out to Albin to bring home the best bird dog I’ve ever had. She wasn’t the best bird dog ever – don’t think I’m [...]

I’m gunning for another Golden

November 15, 2021 // 0 Comments

I decided a while back that more than two dogs is just too much to handle. I think more dogs would be fine if they’d bond with other members of the family, but no matter [...]

My TV is trying to make me get another dog

November 15, 2017 // 0 Comments

We’re down to two dogs, which is what my wife and I have agreed is the perfect number of canines. And better yet, we have two dogs that fill all the dog needs of our [...]
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