It’s Christmas season … are you ready?

It’s Christmas season, so you’ll need to be ready to give your hunting buddy a gift he can use, or drop your better half a hint or two. Today’s gift ideas could be for your buddy, your spouse, or if you lay your hints just right, they could be waiting under the tree for you.

If you’re still looking for a gift for your hunting buddy, think about something that might help you out, too. The Bear Grylls survival tool by Gerber might fit this bill, especially if your hunting buddy is anything like me.

I’m constantly getting misplaced when I go hunting, and I sometimes find myself in need of some survival tools. Something to cut a little firewood, a flashlight, a firestarter, and maybe a couple other tools to MacGuyver together a shelter for the night. The Bear Grylls survival tool has all of that, and it’s all contained in a handy locking case that can mount on a belt or a backpack strap. It would probably cost a little less without the Bear Grylls name, but it’s decently priced at $97.

Another gadget that might help you out as much as your buddy is the Caldwell Lead Sled Solo. I have the Lead Sled Plus, and nearly all of my friends have used it from time to time to sight in their hunting rifles. At right around $100, the Solo is a little less expensive than the Plus, but it has an offset base that lets you use a lever action or a rifle with an extended magazine without taking it off the rest.

If you and your hunting buddy spend any time going after coyotes, maybe you want to wrap up a Mojo Super Critter predator decoy. It’s about $60, and it combines a motion decoy with an electronic caller. That’s a great combination, because it gets the coyotes to focus on the decoy, rather than on you or your hunting buddy.

The Super Critter doesn’t have a remote control, but if you or your buddy already have a high-quality electronic call that does have a remote, you can connect it to the Super Critter with an audio auxiliary cable and use the e-call’s remote to control both gadgets.

Good luck with your shopping. I hope your buddy gets something you can use.