Kansas Runways Found In Wyoming

By Staff 6-15,2016

Two Kansas juvenile runaways were found early this morning (June 15th) after a Wyoming Highway Patrol State Trooper conducted a traffic stop for an equipment violation. The stop occurred around 1:15 a.m. on the 15th on the eastside of Cheyenne at the intersection of US Highway 30 and East Pershing Boulevard on a 2004 Ford Taurus.

After arresting the driver for impaired driving, the Trooper soon realized there was more to the stop beyond the DUI arrest. After locating misdemeanor amounts of marijuana in the car, the Trooper continued interviews with the driver and two passengers. The Trooper soon realized he was being given false names from the two females present. Through the course of the investigation, the Trooper eventually obtained correct identities. With the help of WHP Dispatchers and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), it was discovered the juveniles were listed as runaways out of Junction City, Kansas.

The two females, ages 15 and 16, had left home approximately four months ago and had been all over the country including stops in Illinois, Texas, Nebraska, and finally Wyoming where they had obtained jobs under false names and birthdays indicating they were both 21 years old.

The fifteen year old female was arrested and charged with impaired driving. The 16 year old female was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession. They were both transported to the Laramie County Juvenile Services Center. Nickolas Allan, 24 years old with a listed address in Henry, Nebraska, was cited for possession of misdemeanor marijuana and was released.

The two juveniles will be held at the Juvenile Services Center until family members can take custody of them. The WHP Trooper was assisted by the Cheyenne Police Department during the event.