Logic isn’t these protesters’ strong suit

I just can’t let this go. I didn’t want to bring it up and give it any validity, but a protest in Texas is just so ludicrous, I can’t ignore it.

Legislators in Texas recently passed a law allowing people with concealed carry permits to bring their guns onto college campuses. The law faced quite a bit of controversy even before the school year started, but now students are coming back to college. And in the first week of school, protesters at the University of Texas have come up with a unique way to state their opinions.

The opponents of the concealed carry law are handing out … well, I’m not sure I can say what they’re handing out on a family-friendly blog, so let’s just say they’re handing out items made of silicone shaped like anatomical items not normally seen in public.

I have to hand it to them, it’s a pretty clever protest. The items in question, under Texas law, are not allowed to be displayed in public. The protesters feel that allowing people to carry guns on campus is ridiculous, so they’re acting out with a ridiculous idea of their own.

However, aside from the fact that they’re showing their displeasure of a legal action by breaking the law themselves, there’s another flaw in their logic. The leader of the protest, Jessica Jin, was quoted as saying the items they’re strapping to their backpacks are “just about as effective at protecting us from sociopathic shooters, but much safer for recreational play.”

Um, no. Sorry, Jessica. If someone’s thinking about storming a college campus with the intent of shooting a bunch of people, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be deterred much more effectively by the chance even one of their intended victims might shoot back than they are by an entire pack of frat boys carrying rubber … uh, organs.

Nice try, Jessica. But maybe the University of Texas offers Logic 101.