My schedule is about to open up for a lot more hunting

My hunting opportunities are about to increase exponentially. I’ve had to put hunting on hold to avoid getting fired from the day job, but that’s all about to change.

Having a job really cuts into your hunting time. Years ago, I was the outdoors editor at the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, and if you have to have a job, that’s a good one to have. I got paid to go hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and just about anything else I wanted to do. The only problem was that it didn’t pay enough to feed a family, so I had to give it up and go get a grown-up job.

I thought a gig with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department would be just as good. I would still be writing about hunting and fishing, so I figured they’d give me time to get out in the field and “research” those activities from time to time. The pay was a lot better, but it turned out to be a real job, which meant not much time to go chase elk, pheasants, or other critters.

After several years at Game and Fish, I again moved on to another new day job. I got hired at Laramie County Community College almost nine years ago, and that turned out to be a pretty good balance of real job pay and fun job time off. The actual work wasn’t as fun as the work I did as the outdoors editor or at Game and Fish, but working at a college meant a lot more vacation and holiday time off. But since I was working so much during the working days, I didn’t get much done on the honey-do list at home, so I wound up wasting most of those holidays doing chores around the house.

But as of December 23, I’ll be officially self-employed. And since a big part of that self employment is this blog, my boss insists I spend more time hunting and fishing in order to give you, the reader, a better post to read.

Unfortunately, I have a few things I need to get done at the day job before I leave it, so I can’t start immediately. But I hope to get the loose ends tied up quicker than expected, so I can take some terminal vacation time. I’ll let you know how it goes.