Only 14 more hunting days until New Year

You hear the countdown everywhere this time of year. Only eight more shopping days ‘til Christmas. I guess that’s important, but what’s more important is that if you have some vacation time to burn at work, you still have a few weeks to use it on waterfowl hunting.

You may only have eight shopping days left before Christmas, but you have a few more days than that if you want to get some more mileage out of your bird license.

The duck and goose seasons are open for the rest of the year in all of Wyoming. That means not counting today, you have 14 days left you can use this year’s bird license. Your duck stamp and HIP permit are both good through June, but you only have these last two weeks to get any more hunts in on your 2015 bird license. Use those days wisely.

The duck and goose seasons actually stretch into January, except for geese in the Pacific Flyway. On the west side of the Continental Divide, the goose season ends when 2015 does. For ducks everywhere in the state and geese on the eastern two-thirds, if you want to hunt in 2016, you’ll have to get a 2016 license. Wyoming hunting licenses expire at the end of the calendar year, even if the season runs longer. That goes for the conservation stamp, too.

But your 2015 license is valid right now. With the storms that rolled through most of the U.S. and Canada this week, the waterfowl hunting should be great right now. And for many of us, this should be perfect timing. If you have any vacation time left, take some of those days off between now and the end of the year, and get out there and do some duck and goose hunting.

Forget about how many shopping days are left before Christmas. Get out in the wetlands, rather than the stores in town. You can always pick out a present or two on your way home after a day in the blind.