Putting Illinois in the Rearview Mirror

Aug 27, 2022; Champaign, IL, USA; Wyoming Cowboys defensive tackle Jordan Bertagnole (96) against the Illinois Fighting Illini at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-UW Media-Athletics

by Keith Kelley–31 Aug ’22

The Wyoming Cowboy football team watched the film of the Illinois loss on Monday. There probably weren’t a lot of happy campers in that film room, as they relived that game. Defensive tackle Jordan Bertagnole says they need to move past that one, and put their focus on Tulsa. But, he adds, there are some things that they will learn from that film, and it could provide some motivation to play much better this weekend.

“We’re already to flush the past and just get on with moving forward with this Tulsa game,” said Bertagnole. “I feel like definitely, we all just have to watch the tape, and there’s going to be those emotions where you’re irritated or you’re pissed off with how you played, or how we played as a team. At the same time, you just have to flush those emotions and get on to focusing on this next opponent. And just know that we’re better than that and we’ll be able to go out and show it in our home opener.”

As for Bertagnole, he’s played in all 20 games he’s suited up in, going back to the 2020 season. He’s a fixture within that Wyoming defensive line. From a skinny, undersized kid at Natrona County, to where he is now, just shows the hard work he’s put in.

“Going from that small high school kid to being this big defensive tackle for the University of Wyoming–it’s definitely awesome to see how much work I put in, and how much it has all paid off.” Bertagnole added, “I love what I do, and I love the guys that I’m playing with, and it’s honestly a blast.”

The Wyoming Cowboys home opener is Saturday afternoon against Tulsa. Kickoff is set for 1:30 pm.