Sporting goods stores are dangerous for me

I need to stay out of sporting goods stores, at least until I get my barn paid off. There are just too many really cool things on the shelves in those places I convince myself I can’t live without.

I spent probably more time than I should have in Wyoming Outdoor Company in Lander over the weekend, especially over by the gun counter.

I don’t know what it is about guns that make me want more of them, but they had quite a few in their racks that just cried out to me to take them home.

I started by checking out the double guns. I actually do really need a good over-and-under. I started shooting trap several years ago, and I’ve just used my 12-gauge pump. I have a 20-gauge pump, too, but it’s a youth model. I use that 12-gauge for all my bird hunting. I suppose it’s just fine, but I just feel like I’d be so much better at trap – and upland bird hunting, too – if I had a good over-and-under for it.

I moved from there to the lever-action rifles, then the bolts. I’m a huge fan of the venerable old Winchester Model 94, and there are many other lever-actions that are nearly as wonderful. I’d love to have a .45-70, or maybe a cowboy action rifle that shoots the same rounds as a revolver I could use for that sport.

The bolts open up another whole can of worms when it comes to calibers. Yes, I have a great rifle for coyotes, another for deer and antelope, and yet another that’s perfect for elk. But I’d love to have a .338, maybe a .22-250, and possibly a 7mm Mag. Then there’s that 6-8 Western that’s getting lots of attention lately. And just for kicks (literally), a .50 BMG would be spectacular.

There were more than a few rifles and shotguns I would have loved to have, but I somehow resisted the impulse. I’m not sure I can resist it much longer, though, so I should probably stay away from places where guns are sold for a little while.

Besides, I should probably get better with the guns I already have before I get more.

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