The bow’s coming out if the wind ever stops

It’s far past time to get out in the back yard and knock the dust off the bow, but this wind has made it difficult. I’m hoping for a calm day soon so I can get some practice.

I’ve been neglecting my bow for far too long. I haven’t pulled it out of the case since last archery season, and shooting a bow isn’t like riding a bike. You’ve got to keep practicing if you want to be able to hit what you’re aiming at.

Unfortunately, I feel like I need to do some basic tuning on my shooting, and to do that, I need a windless day. Those are hard to come by this time of year in Wyoming. I need to get some practice without too many extra variables to make sure I’m still somewhat competent before I start trying to shoot well in the wind.

I probably ought to renew my membership at the Cheyenne Field Archers range. It’s an indoor range, so you can practice inside, out of the elements, when it’s nasty outside. It certainly removes some of those variables. After a few weeks of shooting inside, out of the wind, maybe we’ll get some days when the wind’s not so bad and I can shoot outside again.

It’s important to get outside to shoot in the wind, too, though. It’s often windy during the archery season, and you’ve got to be able to shoot well no matter the conditions. But I need to make sure I’m still somewhat accurate first.

I believe there are indoor archery ranges in many other places in Wyoming. If you’re an archer, you should probably be a member of one of them. They’re great places to practice when the weather’s not conducive to doing it outside, but on top of that, they’re also great places to meet other archers who can help you shoot better. Or join an archery league, if you’re so inclined. That’s a great way to push yourself to shoot better.

As for me, I’m going to start with just trying to hit paper. Maybe I’ll get good enough to think about joining a league again in a couple of months.