Support your favorite hunting organization

As the hunting seasons wind down, the banquet season heats up. There are a bunch of banquets coming up, where you can help fund the protection of all those animals you like to hunt.

Nearly all of the hunting, fishing and wildlife organizations have banquets each year to help raise funds for the causes they support. February, March and April tend to be the busy season for banquets. Some have already come and gone – Ducks Unlimited’s shindigs in Riverton, Gillette and Green River are already over. But other groups, like Trout Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pheasants Forever, and more still have banquets coming up.

The format for most of these banquets is pretty standard. They generally have fun games you can play for the chance to win great prizes, as well as live and silent auctions. Some offer big prizes with their major raffle drawing.

Much of the money these banquets generate often goes back to the area where the banquet takes place. For instance, the Muley Fanatic Foundation’s Southwest Wyoming Chapter has put more than a half a million dollars back into the habitat right there in the region to improve habitat for mule deer, but also for elk, grouse, pronghorns, and all the other animals that live there.

I’m looking forward to the Muley Fanatic Foundation banquet. The Muley Fanatic Foundation has been instrumental in getting the Wildlife Conservation license plate approved by the Wyoming legislature, which will help fund wildlife crossings to keep wildlife as well as drivers safer throughout the state. The Muley Foundation has done great things – so they can be forgiven for the questionable decision to have me speak at their banquet. I’ll try to be as entertaining to the crowd as they are helpful to wildlife.

Come join me at the Muley Fanatic Foundation banquet, and go to as many more as you can. The more fun you have, the more help those organizations can give our state’s wild animals.