There are plenty of gift ideas for hunters and anglers

We’re coming down to the wire on Christmas gift ideas, but if you have a hunter or angler on your list, you’ve got it easy. You can get everything you need with a quick trip to your local sporting goods store.

I’ve heard people say shopping for hunters and anglers is hard, because those people always have everything they need. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you hunt and fish, you know you never have everything you need. Well, at least not everything you want.

There’s always some new gizmo or contraption that purports to make hunting and fishing easier, warmer, or just plain better. Take insulated tip-ups, for example. Get your ice fisherman a couple of insulated tip-ups, and he won’t complain anymore about having to put down his beer to go scoop the ice out of his tip-up holes. These things are ice-hole-sized round lids with the tip-up built in that completely cover the hole, and they keep ice from re-forming over the ice fishing hole.

If your gift recipient is an angler, either ice or open water, a new tackle box is always a hit. There’s no such thing as too many tackle boxes, just like there’s no such thing as too many guns. On that note, a new gun is a fantastic gift idea. Any gun. Just sayin’.

To keep your outdoorsperson warm and dry, check out the many offerings of waterproof, insulated pants out there. Killik, Mountainskin, Duluth Trading, North Face, and a bunch of other companies are making these, and they’re spectacular. They’re waterproof on the outside, but soft and flexible on the inside. They’re not shells that go over other pants, so they’re a lot more practical.

And then there are gloves and hats. Get the hunter or angler on your list a new set of winter gloves. Better yet, get a pair that has a pocket for those little chemical handwarmers. Any of these gifts will score you huge points this Christmas. But you better hurry – there are only a few more shopping days left.