Turns out I don’t know much about white-tailed deer

I ran across a quiz about whitetail deer in the outdoors news feed I subscribe to, and it turns out I don’t know much about the most common deer species on the continent. Maybe that’s why I’m such a terrible hunter.

I subscribe to a news feed that compiles all sorts of outdoors-related stories every week. I don’t always get to them right away, but whenever I find myself with a few spare minutes, I try to catch up on all the news I’ve missed.

I was doing just that a few days ago, and a post from a few weeks ago urged me to take a quiz to test my knowledge of white-tailed deer.

In my defense, I’m a lifetime Wyoming guy, and around here, mule deer get all the attention. We don’t pay much attention to whitetails, at least until late in the season, when the whitetail season is the only season that’s open.

But even so, I probably should have gotten better than a seven out of 15. That’s pretty pathetic, even for a hard-core mule deer fanatic. If you want to see how you do on the quiz, you can find a link to it here.

Be prepared, though, these questions are hard. They ask how fast whitetail deer antlers grow; what the names of the scent glands are; how high they can jump; and how long a buck will stay with a mate.

I have to admit, even the seven I got right were lucky. I guessed on a few of them. But I learned a few things about the most popular big game species in the United States. I even learned a few things that might come in handy when I hunt whitetails, like what colors they don’t see very well. I got that question right, but that was one of my more educated guesses.

I’d love to see a quiz like this one for mule deer, but I don’t think I’d be broadcasting my score on that test. I probably wouldn’t do much better than I did on the whitetail quiz.

Test your own knowledge. Maybe you’ll do better than I did.