We had to celebrate Fathers’ Day early this year

I have to shoot a rodeo next weekend, and the rest of the family is going to go without me to a baseball game on Fathers’ Day. So we decided to celebrate Dads’ Day a week early with a fishing trip.

While the rest of my family is celebrating Father’s Day at Coors Field, watching a Rockies game without me, I’ll be taking pictures at the Earl Anderson Memorial Rodeo in Grover, Colorado. I sure hope they have a fun Fathers’ Day outing.

That’s OK, though, because we got to do our Fathers’ Day fun early. Yesterday, I took the family up to Crow Creek to do a little fishing. It was the typical Stockton fishing trip, where only one fish was caught, and that one was caught by one of my boys, not by me. Again, that’s OK. I had a great time just being out on the creek with my family, tossing a fly line into the water.

And better yet, the boys are getting good enough at fishing that I didn’t have to stop fishing very often to help them. Even the youngest was able to solve his own snagged line issues most of the time.

The only down side is that I’m going to have to come up with some other excuse for why I don’t ever catch any fish. The boys give me a hard time that I’m the world’s worst fisherman, but until now, I’ve been able to claim that it’s because they’re so busy getting themselves stuck on submerged logs and making rat’s nests out of their lines that I never get any time to do any fishing of my own. This last trip proved that’s not necessarily the case. I only had to put the fly rod down a couple of times to go to their rescue.

So I’ll either have to get better at actually catching fish, or I’m going to need to find another excuse for why they can catch fish, but I can’t. I’m open to suggestions, if you have any.