When it comes to upland birds, we have choices

Wyoming has plenty of options for upland game bird hunting, and most of the seasons are open now.

If you’re an upland game bird hunter, Wyoming’s a great state to be in. We have plenty of options, and most of those options are fair game right now.

We’ve got four species of grouse, including blue grouse, ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse and sage grouse. Sage grouse season’s closed, but the other three are open through the end of the year.

We also have two types of partridge. We have gray or Hungarian partridges, as well as chukar here, and both of those seasons run through the end of January.

And of course we have pheasants, though a good portion of those birds are put-and-take. Wyoming’s climate is kind of hard on pheasants, although there are quite a few populations of wild pheasants around. They’re not as plentiful as you’d find them in some of the states to the east of us, but they’re out there. And where possible, the Game and Fish releases a good many birds each hunting season. You’ll have to make sure you have your pheasant management stamp, in addition to your bird license, your hunter safety card, and your conservation stamp if you’re hunting pheasants, though.

And pheasant season’s not quite open yet. The Springer season is open, but you can’t hunt pheasants in the rest of the state until November.

But the grouse and partridge seasons, with the exception of sage grouse, are in full swing. You’ll find ruffed grouse in the northwest corner of the state in the forests up there. Blue grouse can be found in forests all over Wyoming, and sharp-tails live out on the plains. Gray partridge, or huns, are mostly found in the Bighorns, and chukar live in the Absaroka, Wind River and Bighorn ranges.

There are plenty of upland birds to hunt around here, so what are you doing sitting there listening to me? Get out and get a few!