While there’s still some summer, do summer stuff

Summer is almost over – at least in terms of the kids being out of school. Though even that’s a little up in the air this year. There’s still time for a little more summer fun, though.

My family is milking the summer for all it’s worth this year. We’re trying to get away at every opportunity to do something fun, see something new, and attempting to take advantage of everything Wyoming has to offer.

Last weekend was a mix of active fun and relaxation. We took a hike on Saturday that was a bit more energetic than we were really planning on. We finally got back to the truck tired and sore, having had to walk the last half hour in the nearly pitch dark.

But Sunday was the opposite. We talked another family into going to float the Platte. We loaded up a bunch of inner tubes and headed for Guernsey, and we dropped one vehicle at Register Cliffs. We all then piled into my truck and went back to Guernsey, where we began our slow, relaxing float trip.

It was the perfect order for those activities. We were still tired from the hike, but all we had to do was relax in those tubes as we floated gently down the river, with our sore feet dangling in that cold water. The float only lasted about an hour, but it was an hour of pure bliss.

There’s still time this summer to do some summer stuff. If the kids are back in school, you might have to confine the summer activities to the weekends, but there’s plenty to do. Floating a river is always a great idea, and depending on where you put in and take out, it can be as relaxing or as exciting as you want it to be.

Soak up as much summer as you can before it ends. Granted, the kids might be sent home for virtual school at any moment, so it could all change. But live like summer’s coming to an end anyway. Don’t waste these last few days or weeks.