With the gym closed, I’ve gone full-on Rocky IV

With all these precautions to keep from spreading Coronavirus, everything’s closed. That includes the gym, and that was starting to be an issue for me. I’m trying to stay in shape for elk season, but my workout place is closed.

Stay home. That’s the advice from all the experts right now. If we stay home, we won’t spread Coronavirus all over the place.

I’m tired of everything being closed, so I’m heeding the warning. The sooner we all shut ourselves away from everybody else, the sooner we’ll get back to normal. On the flip side of that, if we all keep wandering around town, coughing on each other as we fight over the last roll of toilet paper, and ignoring the social distancing orders, the officials are going to make that decision to stay home for us. Let’s try to avoid that, so we can still go outside.

And getting outside from time to time is especially important for both your mental and physical health, I think. I know my family has been watching way more TV than usual, and all that time sitting on the couch is doing none of us any good. My wife and I do find the occasional spectacular movie from our childhood and force the boys to watch it, which is always enjoyable, but aside from that, it’s basically just being a bunch of slugs.

My boys and I try to get outside as much as we can these days, though it’s usually just outside around the house. It was on one of these brief escapes from the house that we came up with our solution to not being able to go to the gym. And it was all Sylvester Stallone’s fault.

We had watched Rocky IV the night before, and as we were walking past the pile of railroad ties, Colby picked one up, making fun of the movie I consider Stallone’s crowning achievement. But it got us both thinking that Rocky was on to something. We now have a full Rocky 4 gym around our place.

I’d invite you over to work out with us, but the Department of Health says you need to stay over there.