Wonders of Wyoming, Dave Walsh

photo courtesy of lovethesepics.com

Dave Walsh 19 Jan ’16


This Wonder is a celebration of Native American culture, and it involves a lot of dancing.  The dancers perform to the beat of drums, and chants, and they are communicating with the Great Spirit.  This Wonder is actually an annual event that takes place many different times, and in many different places.

Its very name is an Algonquin term, meaning “Medicine Man”.  At these events, you’ll see two different and distinct styles of dance, traditional dancing and fancy dancing.  At many of these Wonders, there are competitions with prizes, there are professional dancers, descendants so to speak, of the Indian dancers in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show in the 1880’s.  There are half-a-dozen of these Wonders on the Wind River Reservation alone, each year.  Powwows.  The Plains Indian Powwow in Cody, the Fort Washakie Eastern Shoshone Indian Days Powwow and Rodeo, and the Ethete Powwow, are the biggest in Wyoming, and just a few of the many that remember in celebration, Wyoming’s Indian cultures. Powwows, Wonders of Wyoming.