You only have a week until Christmas

You have one week left before Christmas. If you don’t have everyone on your list taken care of yet, I have some suggestions.

There are plenty of options out there for last-minute gift ideas. If you’re scrambling to find something for the last few people on your list, I have some suggestions for you. Is there someone in your life who always seems to be wandering around aimlessly? Give that person a Brunton compass. Brunton’s still a Wyoming company, and they continue to make the best compasses you can get. From the $17 TruArc all the way up to the $800 Pocket Transit line, they’re accurate and reliable.

Maybe there’s someone on your list who’s always hungry. Give that person a nice Browning Citori Feather double-barrel shotgun, and they can go get food whenever they need it. It’s only two grand, but it’ll put a three-thousand-watt smile on anyone’s face.

Do you know anyone who’s always cold? Get that person a set of goose-down insulated long underwear tops and bottoms. Those are guaranteed to keep ‘em warm even in the worst possible weather.

How about a set of binoculars for the person who seems a bit short-sighted? Another Wyoming company makes some spectacular optics. Maven’s C.1 binocular was recently given the Best Buy award from Field & Stream, and they have a bunch of different options available.

Do you have a neighbor whose dog is always visiting your yard to do its business? Give ‘em the SportDog Tek 2.0 training collar. It’s an electronic collar with a GPS tracker on it, so not only can your neighbor correct his dog when necessary, he can see where his dog is whenever the dog is wearing the collar. If it doesn’t seem to be working on the dog, you can strap it on your neighbor.

And if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your spouse, how about a Walker’s Game Ear? It’ll amplify your voice when you ask for favors, but dampen the sounds of your barking hunting dog and reloading mistakes.

And on Christmas Day, if your gifts aren’t well received, instead of standing in long lines to return ‘em, you can just send ‘em to me.