Wonders of Wyoming, Sugar Beets

By Dave Walsh

In north central and southeastern Wyoming, there is a Wonder that isn’t mined.  It’s grown.  And it’s grown extensively in the Upper Great Plains.  In the three major growing states, Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota, an amazing average of 220,000 acres are planted with this Wonder each season.  That’s just about 15% of the national acreage.

In the fertile lands in which it’s grown, this Wonder can, and often does, make the difference between a farmer being able to pay the banker, and being put in a position to wait for better times next season.  This Wonder and its by-products are used for many purposes.  Food for humans, food for livestock, fertilizers for the soil, pharmaceutical production, and the list goes on and on.

With each season that passes, this Wonder of Wyoming insures a strong agricultural economy for the state, the region, and the nation, with the exportation of its remarkable products.  It’s one of only two viable sources worldwide…for sugar.

Yes, it’s the humble sugar beet.  But there’s nothing humble about its contribution to this state.  The sugar beet, a Wonder of Wyoming.

I’m Dave Walsh, proud to live in Wyoming, and proud to tell her fascinating story.