Wonders of Wyoming 7 Dec ’15

By Dave Walsh

Howard, Alden, and Willis had already proven that this new business could work.  They had done it in Medora, North Dakota.  But in 1904, they packed-up and moved to a captivatingly beautiful spot on Wolf Creek at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, 18 miles west of Sheridan, just 10 miles from Dayton, Wyoming.

The Eaton Brothers bought a piece of land here that would eventually grow to one of the largest of its kind, at 7-thousand acres.  It was one of the very first, and one of the most famous Dude Ranches was born.

Eaton’s Ranch.   For more than a century, this working ranch has doubled as a real-life western experience for “dudes” from all over the world.  In fact, the term “dude” was claimed to have been used in this context by Howard Eaton, and Buffalo Bill.

Eaton’s Ranch is still very much a family operation, now being run by third-fourth-and fifth-generation Eaton’s, and accommodating as many as 125 guests in modernized cabins.  It was a pioneer back in 1904, and it is still one of the most well-known dude ranches in America.

Eaton’s Ranch, a Wonder of Wyoming.

I’m Dave Walsh, proud to live in Wyoming, and proud to tell her fascinating story.