Wonders of Wyoming Flaming Gorge

By Dave Walsh

All that is Flaming Gorge makes this one the most beautiful features in Wyoming.  The Flaming Gorge Reservoir provides the wonderful crystal-blue waters of the gorge.  And the impressive walls that form the gorge itself join with the endless sunshine in the area of southwest Wyoming, to create a tapestry of color.  The Gorge looks as if it were ablaze with red fire.  It appears to be a Flaming Gorge, and one the most unique settings in the state.

The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area encompasses 94,308 acres, and is administered by the U.S.Forest Service, who maintain the Flaming Gorge Dam Visitors Center.  The Red Canyon Overlook, and the Visitors Center there, is a popular destination, and the geologically-curious are drawn to Firehole Canyon, where you can experience the North and South Chimney Rocks.

Flaming Gorge, the body of water, is fed by the Green River in Wyoming’s Sweetwater County, with assistance from the rock-solid Flaming Gorge Dam, which took six years to build.  And a major spectacle, a wonder recreational spot, came to be.  This scenic lake  stretches 91 miles, into Utah, and the waters of the Flaming Gorge cover an amazing 43,000 acres.

Flaming Gorge, a spectacular Wonder of Wyoming.

I’m Dave Walsh, proud to live in Wyoming, and proud to tell her fascinating story.