A football game is going to keep me inside this Sunday

I’d love to spend the whole weekend outside, chasing rabbits with my .22 or looking for incredible scenery to photograph. But I’ve got one more football game to watch this year.

About two years ago, on the Friday before the biggest football game of the year, I talked a lot of smack about the upcoming game. As you are probably already aware, I’m a big Broncos fan, and like most of my fellow orange and blue enthusiasts, I had no doubt my team would come home with the Lombardi Trophy.

I was forced to eat my words. And let me tell you, they tasted terrible. In an effort to relieve some frustration, I placed my Broncos hat on a half-pound jar of Tannerite at my backyard shooting range and blew that sucker into a gajillion pieces.

I’ve always said there’s no therapy quite like recoil therapy, and when you throw in some explosive targets, it’s even better. I had hoped that hat was the only unlucky talisman left in the known universe, and that blasting it to smithereens would make a difference. However, after watching them play the next season, I realized I might have to blow up a few more hats.

But the Broncos are headed back to the Super Bowl this weekend. Their opponent this time is even more formidable than their last foe, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut about what I think the outcome will be. But just in case things don’t go well, I still have one more half-pound jar of Tannerite.

Even though I don’t want to get overconfident this year, I did make a bet with a Panthers fan at work. Despite being a Carolina fan, Josh is a pretty good guy, and he’s also a darn fine videographer. No matter how the game turns out, he and I will be trotting out to my range after the game. But this time, I’m hoping it’s Josh’s hat that gets vaporized.