Buy local — even your guns

There’s a big push lately to buy local, and I am fully behind it, especially now that we have several firearms manufacturers right here in Wyoming.

I recently came home with a new rifle, and it’s my second gun that has “Wyoming” stamped into its steel. The first one was a Weatherby, but this one had even less distance to travel to make it to my home. The new gun is a Stag Arms STAG-10 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. I might be the last person in Wyoming to have a 6.5, and after shooting this new rifle, I now understand what all the frenzy is about.

The AR platform provides some recoil reduction, and the built-in muzzle brake provides even more. I already had a scope that I mounted on the new rifle, and I was amazed to watch through that scope and see the vapor trail of the bullet travel all the way to the target. Recoil reduction like that is frankly a little frightening. Even though it’s a high-powered round, it barely kicks more than my .22.

This one is all set up to reduce the coyote population around my house. The 6.5 might be a bit overkill for a coyote, but I’ve said before I’m not the most avid coyote hunter you’ll ever meet. I do enjoy hunting them, and I shoot them from time to time, but I’d rather just let them be, as long as they’re not causing any trouble. But lately we’ve had four or five show up at a time around our house, and when they get that bold, that’s when you start having problems with livestock and even pets. I’d rather they not eat my Australian Shepherd, so I guess I’ll need to reduce their numbers by a few.

And that STAG-10 is tailor-made to get that job done. I’m highly impressed by how it shoots, and I’m happier yet that it’s from a Wyoming company. It’s actually stamped “Cheyenne, Wyoming” on the magazine well, and I put a Magpul bipod on the rail. Now I need to change out the scope for a Maven or a Lucid, and then it’ll be perfect.

Buy local, even when it comes to guns and gun accessories.