Get your guns clean while the wind is blowing

Don’t let this windy weather be a waste of time. While you’re stuck indoors, do something productive that’ll actually be a benefit when you can get back out to your favorite shooting range.

Now is not a great time to sight in a rifle. It’s just too windy. That wind will affect the flight of your bullets, so if you sight in now, your shots will be off when the wind dies down. And I’m optimistic that the wind will eventually die down.

So while you can’t go to the range, take all your guns out of the safe and give them a good, full-service scrubbing.

Well, for safety’s sake, maybe just pull them out one at a time. Check that each one is unloaded, and make sure there’s no ammo in the room with the gun you’re cleaning. Then break each gun down, and clean it thoroughly inside and out.

For the barrel, my favorite cleaning products are the BoreSnake and SwabIts. Both of these provide a thorough cleaning, and they’re much easier to use than patches. SwabIts are one-time use mops for your barrels, and BoreSnakes can be used over and over. I actually use both. I run the BoreSnake through first, then I shine it all up with the SwabIts.

When you’re done, give the moving parts a bit of lube. Not too much – just a drop here and there. Everyone has their favorite gun lube, but I’m kind of partial to BreakFree and CorrosionX.

And while you have your guns out, if you don’t already have one, take the time to put together a gun inventory. Or update the one you already have, if you’ve added guns to your collection. Get photos of each gun, including the serial numbers, and put together a file that has the make, model, and serial number of each of your guns. If you have bills of sale or receipts, put those in there, too. Then get digital copies of all these records and make a couple backups.

Hopefully we’ll be back out at the range practicing our shooting and getting those guns dirty again soon.