I have big plans for hunting season this year

I have big plans for this hunting season. I have a new bow and a new rifle, and I’ve been practicing with them both. Now it’s time to put them to use.

I had the great fortune to acquire both a new rifle and a new bow since last hunting season. I would love a new shotgun, but that’s not in the cards yet, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t really need a new shotgun. I know, that’s blasphemy, but my old Browning BPS has been my trusted shotgun for 30 years, and while I’d love to someday own a Caesar Guerini side-by-side, the old Browning’s getting the job done at the moment.

But I did get a new Weatherby Vanguard Special Edition rifle with my life membership to the Muley Fanatic Foundation, and I also ended up with a new Ventum 33 compound bow from Hoyt Archery. Both the bow and the rifle are done up in the same KUIU Verde camo the rest of my elk hunting gear is in. I’m ready for this season.

In fact, I’ve already gotten it started. I’ve been out several times for doves, though it is apparent from the meager number of birds I’ve been able to bring home that I’m going to have to do some more practicing with that Browning. I’ve been spending all my free time getting good with the Weatherby and the Hoyt, and I’ve been neglecting my practice time with the shotgun. I’ve managed to bag enough doves for a couple of dove tacos, as long as I mix in plenty of onions and peppers when I cook them up.

I’ve also been out a few times for deer, but just short trips into the state lands and walk-in areas that are close. I’ve seen a few deer, but I need an antlered muley to wander by within my bow range in order to take a shot, and that hasn’t happened yet. I plan to make the most of this hunting season, though, and if I don’t get one with the new bow, I’ll have plenty of time to try with the new rifle later in the season.

Happy hunting to you. Get out there.