The Brunton Pocket Transit is 125 years old this year

If you’re looking for the absolute best compass made, you don’t have to look far. The world’s greatest compass is made in Riverton, and this year marks its 125th anniversary.

There is no compass on the planet better than the Brunton Pocket Transit. I was briefly a geology major back in college, and everyone in the geology industry uses a Pocket Transit. They use them because they’re incredibly accurate, astoundingly versatile, and amazingly durable. The Pocket Transit is actually referred to not by its official name among those who depend on it for their daily work, but simply as “a Brunton.”

What surprised me was not the fact that they all used Pocket Transits, but that most of them didn’t know these things are made in Wyoming. In Riverton, to be exact. Even people who grew up in Wyoming, and who specifically bought this exact compass, didn’t realize they’re made in Wyoming by a Riverton-based company. And this year marks the Pocket Transit’s 125th anniversary.

So now you can get not only the best compass ever made, but the 125th anniversary version of that compass. You’ll need to act quickly, though. They’re only making 125 of these limited-edition versions of the Pocket Transit. Each one will come with a certificate of authenticity, a leather holster, and very small serial number.

They’re not cheap – even the Compro Pocket Transit, the lowest-priced version of the Transit, is about $340. The 125th anniversary edition is $499. But every Pocket Transit, from the Compro to the GEO Pocket Transit, which is the most advanced model, can do anything you need for wayfinding, surveying, measuring, or anything else you could think of to do with a compass, and it does it all with precision and unmatched accuracy.

If you don’t have one yet, get one. If you do have one, get the 125th anniversary model. I’ll take your old one off your hands.

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