Weatherby is now a Wyoming resident

One of Wyoming’s newest businesses is now officially a resident. Weatherby moved into its manufacturing facility in Sheridan on the first of the month.

The venerable Weatherby brand is now officially a Wyoming resident. The gunmaker moved from Paso Robles, California, and moved into its Sheridan facility on March first.

The first guns the company will build in the Sheridan location are its Wyoming Commemorative rifles. There will be two versions – Gold and Silver. There won’t be any more than 500 of each version built, but all the rifles will feature beautiful gold-inlaid engravings, including the iconic Wyoming Steamboat bucking horse logo on the floor plate. The Gold version will use exhibition-grade walnut for the stock, and the Silver version will use AAA walnut. There are a few more differences between the grades, including the price. The Silver will be available for $6,500, and the Gold will set you back $10,000. I’m hoping for a good draw in the Wyoming lottery so I can get my name on the list for one of each. It would be beyond cool to have one of the first Weatherby rifles to roll out of Sheridan.

The company has already auctioned off at least one of the Gold versions. The Gillette Sportsmen’s Club sold Serial Number WY00087 went for $38,000. If they auction off Serial Number WY00307, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came close to six figures. With that serial number, the incredible gunsmithing, and the stamp on the barrel that says “Made in Sheridan, Wyoming,” I’ll bet that one will be extra special.

I believe Weatherby’s plan is to start producing all the other rifles and shotguns in the Weatherby line out of that Sheridan facility after these commemorative rifles are completed. According to Weatherby’s Facebook page at Weatherby Inc., the actual grand opening of the facility won’t be until June 13th, but the Vistior’s Center is expected to be open soon. I’m hoping to get a chance to get up there and take a look around soon, and if I do, I’ll let you know what I find out.