Wyoming Football Looking for a New Offensive Line Coach……Again

Rutgers Athletics headshots at the Hale Center in Piscataway, NJ on Tuesday June 27, 2017. (Ben Solomon/Rutgers Athletics)

by Keith Kelley–4 Feb ’21

About a month ago, A.J. Blazek was hired to be Wyoming’s new offensive line coach. He was replacing Bart Miller, who left for the same position at Illinois–reuniting him with his former boss Bret Bielema.

Now, the Cowboys are back in the market for another offensive line coach, as Blazek is headed to Vanderbilt. It’s a very similar situation from a couple of years ago, when head coach Craig Bohl hired Klayton Adams as the Pokes new O-line coach, only to have him leave after a couple of weeks, and head to the NFL. That was followed up by Miller being hired in.

Bohl said, “Typically when a coach leaves to go to another school, it’s commonplace that the school that he is going to usually announces the new assistant coach. I can say that he had intentions to go to Vanderbilt, and left, and that’s his intentions and that’s what he told me.”

Bohl says that they’ve got a very good list of candidates to fill the void left by Blazek.

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