Wyoming WR Has Always Had Big Play Potential

by Keith Kelley–20 Apr ’21

Wyoming Cowboy wide receiver Isaiah Neyor says, going back to high school, that he had a knack for making big plays. Last season for the Cowboys, Neyor caught 8 balls for 248 yards, and carried the ball once for 58 yards. So, in touching the ball nine times, Neyor averaged 34 yards per touch. He says that he can’t wait for more opportunities to make big plays this season.

“Coming out of high school I averaged about 23 or 24 yards per touch, so none of this big play stuff is really new to me….it’s kind of my game. It’s important to get in the mix more. Obviously last season, it was a little disappointing about the few times I touched the ball, but I’m thankful for the experience, because now, it’s given me more confidence going into the next season to see what else I can do, with the more chances I get, to get the ball.”

The Cowboys continue with spring football practice today (Tuesday) in Laramie.

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